New Look

I'm making some changes in the blog. Now all the information is going to be organised in different units, as in the book.

To revise for the exams, click on:

UNIT 1: Present Simple / Present Continuous
UNIT 2: Past Simple

UNIT 3: Past Continuous.Past Continuous vs Past Simple

Past Continuous


Present Simple vs Present Continuous

Present Simple

Present Continuos

Daily Routine

Here's an exercise for 3 ESO. Read the text and you have to either:

a) Write 5 questions on the text.
If you choose this option, you have to know the answer.

b) Write 5 true/false sentences on the text.

Even if you write true sentences, you have to justify the answer.

To read the text click on the link A Teenager at School in Britain or Craig's Typical Day